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Toshiba, Western Digital Chip Dispute

Court Ruling Favors Western Digital in Memory Chip Tiff With Toshiba

The joint venture partners continue to battle in court as Toshiba pushes to unilaterally invest in a memory fabrication facility separately from its partnership with Western Digital.

Why Object Storage Is Coming of Age in the Big Data Era SLIDESHOW

With data storage volumes growing at exponential rates, some enterprises are taking another look at object database technology as a way to manage all that stored information in the big data era.
Flash Memory Summit

Storage Class Memory Paradigm Still Elusive, but NVMe Is Here to Stay

NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite all the talk surrounding Storage Class Memory, NVMe-based storage systems are supplying enough speed and throughput to handle the most demanding compute jobs.

Dropbox Adds an Offline Way to Do Two-Factor Authentication

This feature will be particularly useful as a backup when a user doesn’t have access to a cellular signal but does have access to Wi-Fi.

Google Slashes Prices for Local SSD and Preemptible VM Storage

Google has cut prices on local storage for on-demand virtual machines by 63 percent, while it has slashed the price of storage for preemptible VMs by more than 70 percent.

Fire, New NVMe Devices Top News at Flash Memory Summit

UPDATED: Innodisk's corporate booth caught fire Aug. 8, spreading smoke all through the Santa Clara Convention Center. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the conference show floor was closed for the duration of the event.

IBM's Breakthrough Distributed Computation for Deep Learning Workloads

NEWS ANALYSIS: Why deep learning is a literal ‘killer app’ for computers, and how IBM has figured out how to distribute computing for much faster processing of big-data artificial intelligence workloads.

HPE Reveals Details for Spin-off of Its Software Business

HPE announced that its 50.1 percent portion of the Micro Focus software business will be spun off into yet a new entity called Seattle SpinCo, Inc., at the close of business on Aug. 21.

Delphix's New Data Management Platform Uses DataOps, Data Pods

Using Delphix’s new platform, structured production data need not be moved anywhere. Virtualized clones of databases of any size can be moved, analyzed, fixed, added to, subtracted from and patched, then slid easily into the production server.

Primary Data Gets New VC Funding, Launches DataSphere 2.0

The company said it would use its $40 million in VC to support sales growth alongside the 2.0 release of its DataSphere software platform, which includes machine learning capabilities.

Data Recovery Specialist DriveSavers Meets New SSAE 18 Security Standards

New standards converge the varying degrees of compliance standards that previously existed and bring all U.S. standards up to international standards of compliance.

Dell EMC Mozy Cloud Backup Now Supports KMIP Integration

By supporting Key Management Interoperability Protocol in its security arsenal, Mozy offers a fourth data encryption method.

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