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Password security

Organizations Willing to Try Out Longer Passwords, Study Finds

A study from security awareness vendor KnowBe4 surveyed IT professionals' views on new NIST guidance that advocates the use of longer passwords.
WannaCry Ransomware

WannaCry Security Researcher Pleads Not Guilty to Creating Malware

Marcus Hutchins denies charges that he created the Kronos banking trojan, entering a plea of not guilty, in a Wisconsin federal courthouse.
Daily Video 814

FTC Urged to Investigate AnchorFree VPN User Data Privacy Risks VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: FTC asked to investigate Hotspot Shield VPN privacy risks; T-Mobile Seniors Plan offers smartphone users 55+ two Lines for $60; users can 'toggle' new inbox beta experience; and there's more.
Lacework Polygraph

Lacework Brings Polygraph Security Platform to AWS CloudTrail

Security startup Lacework wants to help Amazon's CloudTrail users to more easily identify and detect potential threats.
AWS Macie

Amazon Improves Cloud Security with Macie Machine Learning Service

Amazon announces new services at the AWS Summit in New York City including data transformation, cloud migration and machine learning security offerings.
Paul Paget CEO Pwnie Express

How Pwnie Express is Positioning to Secure Enterprises from IoT Risks VIDEO

VIDEO: Pwnie Express CEO Paul Paget discusses where he sees opportunities in the market to secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

WannaCry Helps Push Cyber-Crime Attacks to New Heights in 2Q17 SLIDESHOW

ThreatMetrix's second-quarter 2017 cyber-crime report reveals the latest fraud trends, with attackers taking advantage of WannaCry fears to further their aims.
zero-day flaws

Fuzzing Analysis Shows ICS, IoT Industries Most at Risk of Zero Days

More than 4.8 billion automated tests show that certain industries—such as industrial control systems and the Internet of Things—remain fertile ground for vulnerability researchers.

Dropbox Adds an Offline Way to Do Two-Factor Authentication

This feature will be particularly useful as a backup when a user doesn’t have access to a cellular signal but does have access to Wi-Fi.

How Hackers Make Big Bucks Stealing, Selling Personal Information SLIDESHOW

On the dark web, cyber-criminals can buy and sell just about type of personal information. eWEEK looks at how hackers make their money and how much stolen data is worth.
Hack the Air Force

Hack the Air Force Bug Bounty Program Finds 207 Vulnerabilities

The U.S. Air Force issues $133,400 in bug bounty awards to security researchers participating in the HackerOne-powered bug bounty program.
Cloud Virus Scanning

Carbon Black EDR Service Exposing Customer Data Through Cloud Scanning

Carbon Black, an endpoint detection and response (EDR) service, sends binary data to a cloud malware analysis service under recommended settings that would allow third-parties to mind mine the files for sensitive information.

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