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Online Fraud: What Tools, Techniques the Fraudsters Use SLIDESHOW

DataVisor's inaugural Online Fraud Report provides insight into the browsers, platforms and locations from which online fraud is originating. Here are the report's highlights.
Security Career Path

Women’s Progress in Cyber-Security Stalled Over Past Two Years: Survey

A survey shows that women's participation in the cyber-security industry has leveled off at 11 percent, much lower than their overall participation in the global workforce.
Pwn2Own 2017

Ubuntu Linux Falls on Day 1 of Pwn2Own Hacking Competition

The first day of the Trend Micro-sponsored Pwn2Own competition awards $233,000 in prize money to security researchers for exploiting software with previously unknown vulnerabilities.
Security flaw

SAP Patches Multiple HANA Vulnerabilities in March Update

SAP users are at risk from "very high" priority vulnerabilities that impact the Self Service features in the SAP HANA database product portfolio.
Security traps

TopSpin Security's DECOYnet Uses Deception to Defend Networks SLIDESHOW

TopSpin Security's DECOYnet uses deception to defend networks against hacker intrusions by using deceptive tactics that direct attackers to decoy resources and traps.
Hacker Breach

Third-Party Twitter App Hacked by Turkish Activists to Post Messages

Attackers allegedly breach Twitter Counter, enabling them to post unauthorized messages on Twitter accounts around the world.
Russia Yahoo Hack

DOJ Charges Russian Intelligence Officers in 2014 Yahoo Hack

The DOJ charges four, including three Russian nationals, in connection with the 2014 Yahoo breach of 500 million user accounts.
Microsoft Windows 10 Security

Microsoft Boosts Windows Defender ATP Security

Microsoft previews some of the new capabilities coming to its threat protection product for businesses in the forthcoming Creators Update for Windows 10.
tech briefing 3.14.17

Tech Companies Face Risks From WikiLeaks Offer to Share Hacking Info VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: WikiLeaks' offer to help secure tech products fraught with legal risks; Microsoft adds new 'premium RS' cloud database option; Google's new Cloud Spanner makes it easier yet to buy cloud; and there's more.

Parrot Security OS 3.5 Improves Linux Security Tools Distribution SLIDESHOW

From the Kayak car hacking tool to an anonymous web surfing mode, the Parrot Security OS 3.5 Linux distribution provides security researchers with a wide array of tools.

Software Patches Could Prevent Most Breaches, Study Finds

An analyst firm surveys 318 companies and finds that more than 80 percent of discovered breaches occurred due to patches pending for more than 10 days and even up to a year.
kris hagerman sophos ceo

Sophos Plots a Course for a Synchronized Security Future

VIDEO: Kris Hagerman, CEO of Sophos, provides insight into his security firm's strategy and technology for helping to keep organizations safe from cyber-threats.

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