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UK Officials Say Google DeepMind Failed to Follow Patient Data Rules

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office faults London hospitals and Google DeepMind unit over how it handled patient data privacy in implementing its clinical safety initiative.
Malware 2017

Cyber-Security Experts View Petya Malware as Nation-State Attack

The Ukrainian government and NATO experts consider the NotPetya ransomware attack to be linked to a nation-state, with Ukraine blaming the Russian Federation. Other experts are not convinced.
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Cyber-Security Startups Score Big Rounds of Venture Funding in June SLIDESHOW

Multiple security vendors raised more than $100 million in June, the most active month for cyber-security startup funding so far in 2017.
online fraud

British Police and Microsoft Take Aim at Tech Support Scam Fraud

Four suspects were arrested in the U.K as part of a collaboration between Microsoft and law enforcement to help stop the growing problem of tech support fraud.
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IT Security Professionals See Petya Ransomware as Multifaceted Threat SLIDESHOW

A new variant of Petya ransomware emerges, giving cyber-security analysts and researchers plenty of food for thought about this latest mass cyber-attack based on the leaked EternalBlue exploit.

Kubernetes 1.7 Improves Container Security and API Aggregation

The second major release of Kubernetes in 2017 debuts, providing new stable features to improve the extensibility and security of the open-source container orchestration platform.
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Petya Malware Brings New Wave of Cyber-Attacks Across Europe, U.S. VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Ransomware using leaked exploit in massive cyber-attack across Europe; EU slaps Google with record $2.7 billon fine over shopping search; Cisco bolsters hardware, software to support internet of things growth; and there's more.
Data security

Barracuda Sentinel Uses AI to Detect Spear Phishing Attacks

New service makes use of machine learning and container-based technologies to limit the risk of Business Email Compromise attacks.
Ransomware safe door

Petya Mainly a Threat to Unprepared and Unwilling Organizations

NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite repeated warnings and the experience last month provided by the WannaCry ransomware, organizations that failed to prepare for known threats found they were most subject to the Petya malware.
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Business Emails Scams Tops FBI List of Costly Cyber-Attacks VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: FBI reports $1.33B in online victim Losses; BEC tops list of attacks; Cisco, Apple extend mobile-networking partnership into security; IBM, Cisco team up for new on-premises, hybrid cloud object storage; and there's more.
Malware evolves

McAfee Report Finds New Malware Evolving to Evade 'Sandboxes' SLIDESHOW

McAfee Labs June threat report finds that new ransomware malware variants continue to emerge and diversify.

New Petya Ransomware Attack Moving Laterally to Exploit Users

The Petya ransomware attack hits Ukraine the hardest, but overall the impact in the U.S and other nations has been limited compared to the WannaCry malware outbreak in May.

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