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Canon Dumps Perimeter Security for Vera's Data-centric Approach

New relationship takes aim at data leaks and protects digital information processed by multi-function devices and digital imaging solutions.
Daily Tech Briefing Feb. 13, 2018

Google Chrome Soon to Label Sites Not Using HTTPS as 'Not Secure' VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google Chrome will label sites using HTTP as insecure starting in July; Microsoft adds report sharing and favorites to Power BI; cyber-security threats and fraud continue to grow; and there's more.
Deepfence IP

Deepfence Emerges from Stealth with Container Security Platform

Deepfence, a new container security startup, emerges with Security-as-a-Microservice approach for cloud native environments.
Email malware 2

Valentine's Day Fuels Spike in Dating Spam, IBM Reports

Email inboxes around the world have been flooded with dating spam from the Necurs botnet, with over 230 million messages sent so far.

Crypto-Currency Miner Hits Thousands of Sites via Accessibility Script

The Browsealoud text-to-speech accessibility extension was injected with the Coinhive crypto-currency mining script, leading to unauthorized mining on thousands of sites around the world.
Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome to Label Sites Using HTTP as Insecure Starting in July

In July, Google's Chrome browser will begin to label any site and any web page still using HTTP as "not secure."
CA Veracode Acquisition

Cyber-Security Threats and Fraud Continue to Grow

NEWS ANALYSIS: A half dozen IT industry reports out this week, reveal both technical and personnel challenges facing enterprises.

Hackers Exploit Old Software, Trusted Websites, Menlo Security Reports SLIDESHOW

The Menlo Security 2017 State of the Web report reveals that organizations continue to use old software, leaving them open to attack.

Windows 10 S Build 17093 Helps Users Ditch Passwords

Windows 10 S users may never again encounter a password prompt in the newest Windows Insider test build.

Google Says It Paid Nearly $3 Million to Bug Hunters in 2017

The highest payout of $112,500 was for a remote exploit that enabled escape from a sandboxed Chrome process.
Operation Shadow Web

36 Indicted for Participating in Cybercrime Ring That Stole $530M

Global law enforcement officials worked together as part of Operation Shadow Web to shut down the operations of a carder group known as the Infraud Organization.
Equifax Inept Security

Water Utility in Europe Hit by Cryptocurrency Malware Mining Attack

Unauthorized cryptocurrency mining attacks come to industrial control systems for the first time, as cryptojacking attacks continue to grow.

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