F5 Networks Survey Finds Security Top Application Deliver Priority

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F5 Networks Survey Finds Security Top Application Deliver Priority

F5 Network's report on the State of Application Delivery 2017 shows a continued rise in the number of application services organization's plan to deploy with security leading the way.

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Applications Services Deployment Set to Rise in 2017

The F5 study found that on average, organizations plan to deploy 17 application services in 2017, which is an increase from 2016, when the average was 11.

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Security Dominates the List of Top Application Services

Four out of the top five application services deployed by organizations today are security related. The top two services—network firewall and antivirus—are deployed by 83 percent of respondents.

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DNSSEC Will the Top Application Service Deployed in 2017

Looking at the top three security services that organizations plan to deploy in 2017, DNSSEC [Domain Name System Security Extensions] tops the list at 25 percent, followed by DDOS [Distributed Denial of Service} attack defenses at 21 percent and WAF [Web Application Firewalls] at 20 percent.

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Attack Sophistication is a Top Security Challenge

In terms of the top security challenges, 50 percent of respondents identified attack sophistication as a top challenge in the next 12 months, down from 58 percent in the 2016 survey.

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The Skills Gap Persists

Lack of skills was cited as a top challenge by 34 percent, highlighting an unchanged skills gap from 2016.

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Half of Organizations Confident Their Web Application Firewalls Will Work

Using security services doesn't always make an organization safer. That said, the study found that when a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is deployed by an organization, 53 percent of respondents are confident that it will help them to be able to defend against an attack. In contrast, only 43 percent of organizations that deploy DDoS services are confident in their ability to withstand an attack.

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More Organization Deploying Services in the Cloud

While many organization will continue to host the majority of their application services themselves, 21 percent of respondents to the F5 study reported that they will deploy more than half of their apps in the cloud by 2017.

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Seven New Security IoT Products Technologies that Debuted at CES 2017

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is always a big showcase for the latest new technologies including security and the 2017 edition of the show, which ran from Jan. 5 to 8, was no exception. A one major theme at CES in recent years has been connected consumer devices, commonly referred to now at the Internet of Things. IoT devices have helped to introduced new security risks for consumers and technology devices have responded with new devices and software to help protect them from emerging security threats. At CES 2017 both ends of the IoT spectrum were well represented with new devices for home security as well as new technologies to help protect connected devices. Among the new IoT devices announced at CES 2017 is a security floodlight from Ring that provides an internet-connected camera as part of a motion sensing outdoor light fixture. To help protect against insecure IoT...
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