10 Great Places to Work at Large, Medium and Small Tech Companies

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10 Great Places to Work at Large, Medium and Small Tech Companies

The best tech companies combine forward-thinking, insightful management with a personal investment into their employees’ professional growth and well-being. At least these are the qualities shared among the following 10 “Best Workplaces in Technology,” a ranking recently released by Great Place to Work and Fortune. There are, of course, great perks too, including exercise workstations, generous sabbaticals and high-end meals. More than 79,000 employees in the IT industry took part in the research, assessing more than 50 different workplace qualities to come up with the company rankings. The following are the top five large tech companies and top five small-medium ones, along with highlights about the strengths of each employer (including the perks).

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Top Five Large Tech Companies: Ultimate Software

Overall, 98 percent of Ultimate Software employees said their company’s workplace environment is “great.” It scored particularly high—at a 99 percent level—for atmosphere and “great pride” among staffers in working there. Among other perks, Ultimate Software gives employees $300 per child every year to participate in team/extracurricular events.

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Top Five Large Tech Companies: Workday

Workday is considered a “great” place to work by 96 percent of its employees. In addition, 96 percent said they are given the resources and equipment needed to do their jobs, and that managers are honest and ethical. Workday funds more than 80 clubs for employees, including cheese-tasting and videogame clubs.

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Top Five Large Tech Companies: World Wide Technology

World Wide Technology received a 96 percent “great” rating. In addressing work-life balance, 96 percent of employees said they are able to take time off from work when necessary. Via “tread-desk” workstations, employees exercise while working.

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Top Five Large Tech Companies: Salesforce

Salesforce earned a “great” rating from 94 percent of its workers. It’s also considered a strong company for “team” environments, with 96 percent of staffers indicating that “people here are willing to give extra to get the job done.” Salesforce allows employees to take seven paid days off a year to volunteer.

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Top Five Large Tech Companies: SAP America

Overall, 93 percent of SAP America employees gave the company a “great” rating as a workplace. In fact, 95 percent describe their bosses as “great” here. SAP America’s fellowship program enables staffers to take one to six months to work on a strategic project in a different line of business, to expand their skill set.

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Top Five Small-Medium Tech Companies: Asana

Asana earned a 99 percent “great” workplace rating. It even managed to receive 100 percent “great” ratings for its bosses, communications and ability to inspire pride within the workforce. Asana’s chef/nutrition team makes three meals a day, using locally sourced and organic ingredients with vegetarian/vegan options.

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Top Five Small-Medium Tech Companies: SendGrid

SendGrid received a 98 percent “great” rating. The same percentage approved of its management in terms of competency. The company provides a meal allowance of up to $12 a day.

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Top Five Small-Medium Tech Companies: BambooHR

At BambooHR, 98 percent of staffers describe their workplace as “great.” And 99 percent said management hires people who “fit in well here.” The company pays each full-time employee $2,000 per year to spend on vacations, and it also encourages staffers to limit their work time to 40 hours a week.

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Top Five Small-Medium Tech Companies: Service Express

Service Express received a 98 percent “great” rating, with 100 percent “great” ratings for atmosphere and employee pride. It pays for one-half of its employees’ gym membership fees.

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Top Five Small-Medium Tech Companies: KnowBe4

KnowBe4 earned a 97 percent “great” rating. It received 99 percent “great” scores for its atmosphere, rewards and employee pride. In the interest of total transparency, the company holds a morning meeting every day to tell employees about the company’s direction, financial health and other key details.

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