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Digital Transformation Path

Dell Practices What It Preaches About Digital Transformation

NEWS ANALYSIS: Dell’s Merger With EMC in 2016 required the combined company to carry out its own digital transformation program to create a unified omni-channel customer experience with technology and expertise it now shares with clients.

Neo4j Adds Visualization Tool to Its Graph Database

Among the Neo4j 3.4 database enhancements are horizontal scaling, 3D geospatial search, performance improvements of more than 50 percent and numerous operational improvements.

Microsoft Refreshes Outlook With AI-Enabled Event Planning

Planning and attending events get some AI-assisted guidance in Outlook on iOS and Windows.
Brandon Philips Red Hat

Red Hat Launches Kubernetes Operator Framework Project VIDEO

VIDEO: At Kubecon EU, Brandon Philips, former CTO of CoreOS, details a new effort to enable developers to more easily build applications on top of Kubernetes.
Michael Dell Keynote

AI, Data Analytics Essential for Business Survival, Michael Dell Says

In his keynote at Dell Technologies World, CEO Michael Dell said companies must use Artificial Intelligence to deal with the huge amounts of data they’re creating if they are to survive.
Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Adds Advanced AI Capabilities to Product Portfolio

New versions of Splunk Enterprise, Cloud and IT Service Intelligence debut, benefiting from improved machine learning features.
Windows 7, XP Persis

Windows 10 April Update Brings New Features IT Department Will Value

NEWS ANALYIS: Some are calling the latest feature update for Microsoft Windows 10 boring, but the new version is more about enhancements for business users rather than about content creation.
Windows 10 Polaris Desktop

Microsoft to Release Windows 10 Spring 2018 Update on April 30

The next big Windows 10 feature update arrives a little behind schedule and with an unexpected new name.
Azure Serverless Containers

Microsoft Tunes Azure Container Instances for Serverless Future

Jumping on the serverless train, Azure Container Instances allows businesses to quickly deploy containers in the cloud.

Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver LTS Release Gets a New Linux Desktop SLIDESHOW

The new Long Term Support release of Ubuntu Linux returns to the GNOME desktop, while also adding live patching.

IBM and IFTTT Bring Together AI and Automation for IoT

Developers can use IBM Watson Assistant and the IFTTT automation platform to add intelligence to their consumer-facing IoT systems.
email security

Gmail Update Helps Protect Businesses from Phishing, BEC Threats

NEWS ANALYSIS: Some of the most important security features in the updated Gmail, such as the anti-phishing and anti-spoofing tools, will be particularly valuable to businesses.

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