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Windows 7, XP Persis

Windows 10 Makes Business Gains Two Years After Release

While it's still growing in Windows 7's shadow, Windows 10 is gaining greater acceptance among enterprises.
Intel Clover Trail

Intel Atom Clover Trail PCs Ineligible for Future Windows 10 Updates

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the end of the line for PCs with Intel Atom Clover Trail chips.
Lenovo Daystar

Lenovo Looks Beyond PCs Into an AI Future

Officials said the PC business will turn around, but at Tech World, the company shows off its future in an intelligent, mobile and connected world.

10 Best Apps for Enterprise Employee Productivity, Collaboration SLIDESHOW

This slide show highlights eWEEK's picks of the 10 of the best apps that help businesses large and small boost employee productivity and perform essential tasks.
Social Media Sales Survey

Social Media-Driven Marketing Techniques Shake Up the Sales Process

A new LinkedIn-sponsored State of Sales survey finds that social media is becoming an increasingly important part of the sales process for both buyers and sellers with millennials leading the charge.

IBM Going Full Throttle in Its Evolution to Cloud Platforms

NEWS ANALYSIS: The key investment for IBM at this time is in cloud platforms and data centers, and the company is going all in for staying ahead of the IT curve.
Daily Tech Briefing July 18

Microsoft Add-in Translates PowerPoint Presentations in Real Time VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: A new Microsoft PowerPoint add-in translates in real time; Microsoft releases Windows Server Insider preview build; Sprint upgrade programs are extended to all smartphones in its inventory; and there's more.

Samsung Decides to Ratchet Up Production of High-End DRAM

Samsung believes that its volume production of the 8GB HBM2 will cover more than 50 percent of its HBM2 production by the first half of next year.
LinkedIn Social CRM

Microsoft Releases LinkedIn App for Windows 10 PCs

Close those browser tabs. The new LinkedIn app for Windows 10 delivers updates in the operating system's notifications hub.

IBM Z Mainframe Runs Universal Encryption Quietly in the Background

Big Blue said this newest mainframe is its most significant system overhaul in 15 years. It was designed with input from 150 clients who cited data breaches and encryption as their biggest challenge and concern.
Mageia Linux

Mageia 6 Enhances Linux Desktop Experience With Better Tools, New Look SLIDESHOW

The Mageia community Linux distribution issues its first major update in two years, providing users with improved tools and a new look. eWEEK looks at some of the highlights of Mageia 6.
Office PowerPoint 2016

New Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in Translates in Real-Time

Presentation Translator generates live subtitles, allowing audience members to follow along in their language of choice.
Windows Server Preview

Microsoft Releases Windows Server Insider Preview Build

Microsoft adds its server operating system to the Windows Insider program as it prepares to release major updates twice a year.

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