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Duo Brings CRM to PDAs

|, AvantGo team up to bring disconnected access to apps from PDA devices.

Tool Kit Combines Grid Technology, Web Services

Alpha version of next generation of open-source tool kit for grid technology to debut next week.

Sun Opens Grid Integration Code

Grid engine portal technology enables Web access to grids.

Wanted: the Next Big Thing

The only problem is, there is no next big thing just now.

Open-Source Project Gets Boost From Sun

Sun Microsystems is giving its grid portal technology to the open-source community.

Gateway Gears Up Grid Computing Push

PC maker is linking thousands of display PCs in its nationwide chain of stores to create a grid computing environment capable of scaling to 14 teraflops of performance.

IBM Must Master Juggling Its Offerings

In its Lotus Software juggling act, IBM is trying to accommodate WebSphere and Java.

IBM Grid Helps Fight Against Breast Cancer

IBM, in conjunction with Oxford University has built a massive computing grid for breast cancer screening and diagnosis.

Gartner Predicts: Return to Distributed Systems

Bandwidth that's becoming more affordable than computing will spur a return to distributed systems, including grid computing, over the next several years, said Gartner analyst Carl Claunch.

Sun Fires Up New Grid Offering on Linux

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday will announce a new Linux version of its grid computing platform.

Girding for Grid Battle

Globus Project's Ian Foster strives to keep grid technologies open, assesses impact on web services.

Grids Make Enterprise Play

Big-name companies back grids, but are they ready for the enterprise?

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