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Microsoft OneNote UWP

Microsoft Makes OneNote Client Kinder to Laptop Batteries

The OneNote desktop client will now pause file synchronization operations when Windows slips into its power-saving mode.
Otis Elevator Case Study

Otis Elevator Hikes Role of IoT in Customer Service, Satisfaction

eWEEK CASE STUDY: Otis Elevator is creating smarter buildings by using Internet of Things technology to monitor the health of its people-moving equipment to enable predictive maintenance and boost customer satisfaction.
Red Hat Ansible

Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.6 Boosts Multicloud DevOps Capabilities

Red Hat's latest update of Ansible Engine includes new capabilities that make it easier to support automation across multiple cloud environments.
Daily Tech Briefing July 19, 2018

AWS Adding AI, Machine Learning and Compute Services to Its Cloud VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: AWS is adding artificial intelligence and compute services to its cloud lineup, and Micron and Intel will terminate their 3D XPoint joint development program.

Red Hat's Eight Steps to Cloud-Native Applications

Cloud-native application development is an approach to building and running an application that can take full advantage of the cloud computing model based on four key tenets: services for architecture, APIs for communication, containers for infrastructure and DevOps for process.
Barracuda CloudGen GCP

Barracuda's CloudGen WAF Lands on Google Compute Platform

Barracuda now supports all three major public cloud providers with its CloudGen Web Application Firewall technology and enables multicloud management capabilities.
SQLServer 2008 on Azure

Microsoft Windows Admin Center Server Updates Add Support for Azure

New features in Windows Admin Center Server allow users to manage updates on managed servers running on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

How Compuware is Bringing Agile, DevOps to Mainframe Development

Compuware reveals a product acquisition, several enhancements to its Topaz for Total Test platform and a partnership that it believes will improve the ability of large enterprises to embrace agile development and DevOps on their mainframes.

New MarkLogic Service Automates DB Query Capacity in Cloud

New software-as-a-service application automatically adds and removes query processing capacity to a database cluster as workload demand rises and falls, resulting in agility and responsiveness for end users.
AWS NYC Summit 2018

AWS Adding Artificial Intelligence, Compute Services to Cloud Lineup

At its AWS Summit 2018 in New York, Amazon Web Services announced it was adding new artificial intelligence machine learning and compute services on the AWS cloud.
Microsoft cloud

Walmart Taps Microsoft's Cloud for Next-Generation Retail

Walmart plans to use Microsoft's intelligent cloud offerings to modernize its operations and migrate hundreds of applications to Azure.

IT Science Case Study: Becoming Unconstrained by Physical Workstations

SOLUTION ANALYSIS: Workspot’s cloud-native VDI broker deploys cloud desktops, apps and GPU workstations on Microsoft Azure in one day and simplifies VDI management with its single pane-of- glass approach.
Equinix Private Azure Connectivity

Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gets a Speed Boost

Azure SQL Data Warehouse customers can expect twice the query performance and fewer problems accommodating multiple users.

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